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You may not be experienced with the excitement and wonder that nature offers . And you might not understand why I suggest that you take the family outdoors . But regardless of your knowledge and experience , you and your family can become part of nature and see all the wonders it offers !

Unlike a lot of people my love of hunting, fishing and camping didn’t come early in life as a small child . I was raised by my mom and sister and no one else in the family enjoyed the outdoors in these ways . So it was a while before I got my opportunity that soon became an obsession !

Sure there were sports . I love football to this day ! But it’s simply not the same as going to the wild places and getting one on one with it ! 

From camping in crude shelters in the woods behind my house to trying to catch bluegill from a farm pond down the road , I was hooked from the very simplest beginnings ! Later on I was introduced to actual hunting and fishing by the dad of a friend , and it was on ! My love for the outdoors has by far eclipsed all other hobbies and interests for the last 35 years , and if the good lord gives me another 35 I’ll still be enjoying the past time I love most ! It actually doesn’t have that much to do with taking a deer , squirrel or rabbit . If I catch fish when I go that’s great ! If not I’m happy with being where I am and being comfortable in my own skin.

If a deer doesn’t show up , not many people can say they watched a mother fox and her babies play and frolic in the woods . Or the young twin bobcats chase a ground hog through the Kudzu . If the fish aren’t biting watching the hawk dive and pluck little bluegill off the top of the water is amazing to me ! And those memories are just as important as the memory of my biggest buck , and there are far more of them ! 

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Today children stay glued to a computer , video game or T.V. far to much and many times  don’t have the opportunities to fall in love with the outdoors . Family lives are much more hectic . Moms and dads  spend a larger amount of time working and making a living for the family and have fewer opportunities to foster a love of the wild outdoors for their children or themselves . Many children take part in sports such as baseball and soccer, and that is great ! Sports gets them out of the house and improves physical fitness . But there is no replacement for the great outdoors and the wonders that await !

So what is my suggestion ? Easy ! Take the family outdoors ! It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at camping or fishing . Withe the right attitude laughing at the first attempts can be even more memorable that filling that first buck tag or catching a 40 pound catfish ! Anyone can muster the experience to go on a short hike , or putting up a tent . Maybe it’s not pretty the first time , but it will still be fun and you’ll get better as you do it more ! Kids that get to do these things with their family and friends will remember that first camping trip the rest of their lives , and that’s a fact ! And just as important , if you know a child who doesn’t have these opportunities , invite that child to go too ! That kid will appreciate that and remember that forever . And when he’s in his forties , he will look back on you with fondness . I know I do . I am thankful that someone included me in their plans and gave me a chance to experience the great outdoors !

So the next time you are looking for an activity for the family , save the movies for another time , and take the family outdoors !

Your comments are welcome and appreciated . Let us know if there is something you would like to see more of  !

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