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If we had a meeting with 100 outdoors enthusiasts from each state, I’ll bet that one of the top complaints registered would be lack of time or local resources to pursue their love of hunting and fishing. The man or woman who works a nine to 5 and has things to take care of at home usually finds it pretty challenging to get the time in the field they want to pattern and chase that big buck, Call one of the big Toms in the spring or pre fish the lake before a tournament. Getting home on Friday evening and being able to take care of family life adds to the challenge of getting to bed so that you can rise and shine at 3:30 or4:00 Saturday morning to drive 2-3 hours. It becomes far easier if you can camp while hunting and fishing.

Let’s look at what zombie hunting really is .

Years ago I would get home at 5 or 6 o’clock in the afternoon, cut grass or whatever task I had to do. Then of course you have to make time to be with the family. Then there’s dinner time and the tasks that need to be done after. Pretty soon it’s getting closer to midnight and the early morning is looming. Excitement usually added to the time it took to get to sleep

Then it seems like the alarm clock goes off the minute your eyes close, but you look at the clock only to find that it has been going off for a half hour! Now you’re not only tired and sleepy, but running late also! The land I hunted was about an hour and a half away so by the time I got there and got my hunting clothes on I had to almost run to beat daybreak. Then after the morning hunt of nodding off I wondered how many deer I didn’t see .

But that’s not the worst of it ! Now its time to load everything up for the ride home after the evening hunt while trying not to fall asleep. Seldom was there any hunting on Sunday because of going to church or just simple exhaustion. That buck had little to worry about from my efforts of a one day hunt while fighting sleep every week .

When you love the outdoors as much as I do the end of the season comes too quick anyway. But when you get to that last month and you are eager for it to end, that is truly zombie hunting at its worst !

In steps a buddy with a camping plan

It was the ugliest little 1969 egg shaped camper I have ever seen ! Faded paint and a bunch of miles and owners later we became the brand new owners of a basket case camper that we were gonna “fix up”, Yeah right ! We barely had the time to hunt let alone restore a camper that nothing worked on. So we concentrated on getting the little egg road legal which meant getting the lights working and some mix match tires. And we were off !

The first trip we made was a short Saturday and Sunday hunt to open the season. As we drove down the road I tried to stay slumped in the seat so that anyone that I might pass who knew me wouldn’t see me with this collection of scrap metal on wheels. Little did I know that 48 hours later I would fall in love with the little egg we called Gertrude !

You see getting a good night’s sleep before a hunt seems to make the hunt and the day so much better ! Going to sleep at 10 and up at 5:00am was the ticket ! There was no way I was going back to the old drive there, drive back routine. But when Gertrude fell into disrepair and money was tight I had to go back to the old ways. And honestly I didn’t hunt nearly as much for several years after that. At least until we started camping again .

We started back up with a tent, lantern and Coleman stove. The stove was used a couple of times to cook but mostly as a way to keep the frost outside the tent ! It wasn’t like the camper, but was worlds better than driving back and forth !

Later on we would spend a few nights in motels and the old trusty tent until the next camper rolled into our lives !

Advantages when you camp while hunting and fishing


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The obvious advantage of camping while you hunt of fish is the one we’ve already talked about. Time savings and logistics for hunting. But if you can set up a camp on your hunting property it also helps throughout the rest of the year. Even if its just a simple tent camp setup it can reap big dividends to a hunter or angler!

When late winter and spring comes around a dedicated camp spot can make a one day shed hunting and work day a two day trip. And when fishing one of my favorite times is setting outside a tent at the lake or river with a cup of coffee at night while waiting for big Mr. Whiskers to find your hook. And what’s even better, you can shed hunt, scout or have a work day and also have a fishing trip the same weekend.

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to camp on your hunting property, maybe think about a campground close by. Lake campgrounds are actually much preferred by me and my hunting friends so we can fish while we are there to hunt or scout, as I mentioned before .

The biggest advantage of camping while hunting and fishing is simply that you don’t have to be constantly rushed. When  you have to drive round trip for 2 days and the location is an hour and a half away you will burn 6 hours of your time driving . When you only have a weekend to get things done and try to enjoy yourself 6 hours is huge !

Camping itsself is fun !

Even if you’re not hunting or fishing, camping can stand on its own as a great way to have fun and enjoy a weekend ! Trust me there is nothing like getting up in the morning and cooking breakfast outdoors and then hanging out around a camp fire while you have morning coffee ! It’s great !

With children or grandchildren with you camping might be that extra experience to help foster their love of the outdoors as well .

You may even decide you like it so much that you want to upgrade to a camper and start collecting up more camping gear. My favorite is that little bit of roughing it in a tent and cooking outdoors while sitting by a campfire, but as long as your out there it doesn’t matter if you are in a tent or motor home .

We can make the most of our time in the outdoors .

There is no question that the above mentioned topic is my favorite and I could talk about it forever. In fact, I’m considering a camping only blog to go along with the content in . Being able to experience the big three outdoor favorites makes me smile .

What better way to spend a weekend than in the woods, at the water, and sleeping and eating in the wild ! In my humble opinion there isn’t one. So get out there and use camping to help make the most out of other outdoor passions. Whether you hunt,fish , hike or any other outdoor activity you might find yourself falling just as much in love with camping !

If you have any questions feel free to post them below. We would love to see comments !

And until next time, see ya in the great outdoors !






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  1. I love this article. we always camped if we were going more than an hour away from home to hunt or fish. we actually roughed it tho. tents only. I’m lucky tho we have awesome places to hunt within a half hour. I can’t shoot anything with my bow, but I love being out there taking pics. camping blog, i’d read it. sounds great

    1. Thanks alot Lynda ! The love of camping and the outdoors never goes away ! In many ways I love it as much as hunting and fishing . If you have any other questions or comments feel free ! Good to hear from ya !

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