2018 H.E.C.S. Suit Review- Best Hunting Gear Ever,Or Hoax?

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Is the H.E.C.S. Suit for real or a stab at science fiction ?


Thanks for checking out my ! 2018 H.E.C.S. Suit review !

This is a picture of the H.E.C.S. hunting Suit logo

H.E.C.S. is the revolutionary and only technology available that blocks your energy, preventing those creatures from sensing your presence. But is the H.E.C.S. suit the best hunting gear ever, or a hoax? Let’s take a look!

I will be honest with you and tell you that at the beginning of this test and review, I don’t believe a word of it when it comes to the crazy claims that this suit blocks your electromagnetic field and makes you invisible to wild life! But we will check it out and see where it leads! 

H.E.C.S. uses a carbon fiber conductive mesh that is integrated into garments which, when you wear them, create a Faraday Cage effect that keeps your electrical energy field from getting out, and being sensed by Wildlife. Or at least that is the claim!

We will look a little deeper into the claims , and technology with some real world testing and see where the H.E.C.S. suit lands , Will it be in the realm of reality, or just another absurd marketing plow to separate your money from your wallet?

Available in Mossy Oak or Realtre

Best price $179.99

This article contains affiliate links at no extra charge to purchaser.

Will the arguments about the H.E.C.S. Suit be as strong as those about camo?

If you polled 100 hunters  about the best hunting gear, the chances you would get 100 different answers would be quite possible. If you polled about Camo patterns you might get 4 evenly represented opinions out of 100 people.

Fact is that there is so many products and gear choices on the market, it makes youdeer are at ease and don't spook when you hunt with the H.E.C.S. Suit wonder how another camo pattern or next best idea ever could possibly ever get traction ! But new products and services pop up in the hunting industry all the time and do well .

Among these newer items is one that I almost bought as a novelty. Actually my son bought it for me as a gift. I wanted it as a camo conversation piece and since you have a choice between Realtree and Mossy oak it would be another good camo outfit after I got a few laughs out of it. But wait a minute ! After I opened the fancy packaging and looked it over, I decided to give it a try and see if there was anything to its claims of effectiveness .

In steps the story of the H.E.C.S. Suit !

The reluctant  H.E.C.S. test

The package was opened and the camo pants, shirt, and face mask removed twice and then put back in the package before I ever decided to actually try it out. It looks good, that’s not the issue. I was scared someone would see me and figure out what I’m doing and call the men in the white coats to come get me! But after a while and on a boring late winter day I decided to give it a try. I put the suit on and backed out again.

The suit stayed in my plastic tote with my other hunting clothes for another month. It was thin and I thought it would be a good camo outfit for turkey season and early deer season here in the south. But my curiosity finally go the best of me on a mid February day and I put the suit on again. This time I actually walked out of the house with it on !

As I walked across my back yard and crossed the creek I thought debunking the claims would be a good article for my website ! You see H.E.C.S. stands for human energy concealment system. It is supposed to hide your electrical field from game by the use of the Faraday cage principle that is commonly used in microwave doors to protect us from potentially dangerous microwaves. By blocking your electrical energy field it is supposed to cloak you from the “6th sense” of wildlife. STOP ! Don’t callSymbol for the electromagnetic field that the H.E.C.S. suit is supposed to block the white coats yet! Let me finish.

The first test

I got to the area where I had planned to put a turkey blind around 4:30 in the afternoon. I figured 2 hours later I would be started on my article explaining why the H.E.C.S. suit is a complete hoax .

I sat near the base of my ladder stand and pulled my phone out so I could text my wife and tell her what I was doing. Just as I started typing 2 squirrels ran down a tree near me in a barber pole pattern. They were really raising a fuss ! I figured they saw me and were upset at a 6’4″ man in his 40s sitting on the ground in a rediculous suit.

But they didn’t stop at the bottom of the tree. They ran straight towards me and one of them ran across my leg, and into the woods they went . While I was surprised, I’ve had squirrels get close enough to touch before, so I figured that doesn’t prove anything. That was the only close wildlife I saw other than a few birds that afternoon. So I went home .

Did I temporarily lose my mind ?

The next Saturday we were to help my sister and her family move into their new house about noon. When I got up from bed I put the crazy suit on and hurried back to my spot in the woods to put my blind up because it was only a few weeks until turkey season kicked off, I hurried to get the blind up and staked out because I had to go to my sister’s house to carry furniture. I Put my chair inside and sat down. And waited .

About 10:30 I started thinking about calling it a day after watching crows and a few cardinals play around and the usual squirrel sightings. It was nearly time to be a mover for the day!

I looked to the left and right and even stuck my head out the window, nothing. Then I unzipped the door and stepped out. About 25 yards up the hill behind the blind was a doe ! Busted I thought! She looked at me and took off ! But she only went about 10 yards and turned and looked at me.

Moving her head back and forth she just stood there for about 30 seconds and then went back to browsing the ground! Holy cow ! What’s up with this crazy deer I thought.She would occasionally look my way,but never ran or acted spooked.

Then I started walking. She stopped, raised her head and looked at me, but again didn’t run! As I turned and walked away, she did the same. We walked away from each other Is it easier to get close to big bucks like the one in this photo when you are wearing the H.E.C.S. suit?at about the same speed.

I convinced myself that this doesn’t, mean anything. I’ve had deer close before too. Then along came the 2017 turkey season. I hunted the first few times with no luck . I could get a few birds close, but that was it. So I decided to put that suit on for the last 2 weeks of hunts. I was only gonna get to hunt a coupe of days because of work and other commitments. That’s when my thoughts began to change!

Wow what a day !

I grabbed my shotgun and started the long 100 yard walk to my turkey blind. I pulled out the old school wing bone call a friend had given me and settled in. I planned on sitting there as long as possible to both get as much opportunity to take a gobbler and test this suit. To be honest I was nowhere near convinced and was about to just use it as a thin early season deer suit. Then the day that changed my mind !

I sat for a couple of hours and had a couple of turkeys gobble in the distance, but they didn’t come in. Then a couple of hours of absolutely nothing . I decided to hang it up and leaned my shotgun up in the corner to pull off my head net. Then I heard rustling in the leaves and PURT !

There was a hen turkey right beside my blind ! Within 3 feet even ! I froze. She came in front of the blind and kept scratching the ground.

Then movement off to my right at 10 yards. Another hen stepped out from a mangle of Muscadine vines, and walked toward the blind. It wasn’t 2 minutes before there were 6 turkeys right in front of my blind, and a couple came close enough to touch the blind.

I kept scanning the woods with only my eyes to avoid movement that might spook them.

Right then left and repeat. No redheads anywhere. I eased my phone up to the window to take a picture and the hens bolted. I suppose they saw the glare of the phone.

After a few minutes 2 of the hens came back as close as ever. Not feeling like I was gonna see a shooter I very slowly eased my head net back on and propped my arms on the window seal of the blind.

I kept experimenting until I had my chin resting on my arms and my head outside the window. The hens looked dead at me 10-20 times and never went on alert. I was amazed !

Some of you probably read this blog thinking I was gonna tell you some crazy story about riding a 12 point buck through the woods and the deer never saw me. But this site is about honesty.

And anyone who turkey hunts will understand that things like what happened in that blind are unusual to say the least ! But still doesn’t prove a thing.

I was half way convinced that the suit might be the reason for these crazy things happening, Or maybe it’s just coincidence. I gathered my eqipment and  I walked out of the woods towards home.

As I approached my house I could see my chocolate lab CoCo was in the back yard.  I came through the woods and slowed and watched her . She always barks and goes crazy when she sees me coming out of the woods because to be honest, she’s daddy’s girl !

She looked my way a couple of times but never indicated that she was aware I was there ! If you knew my relationship with my CoCo you would know that this is even more unusual than the episode with the turkeys !

So do I believe ?

I will say that I am looking forward to the coming deer season! I want to see what happens when I am in a hunting situation in my Summit Goliath!

If the results I saw on the ground were any indication, hunting out of a stand 30 feet up should be amazing!

If I can have these types of results while not taking it seriously, I want to see how the results are with my bow in my hands ! And can you imagine what possibilities are when I am looking at old big boy through my Vortex Scope!

I’m not ready to tell you that you will be completely invisible to game and animals. But I can tell you that this suit does something I don’t understand. The animals I interacted with knew I was there but weren’t scared !

It’s kind of like they didn’t know what I was. I am looking forward to the next deer season so I can really test the H.E.C.S. suit ! But right now, I really think that there is something very special about that suit!

As someone who is a doubter on most products in the hunting industry, I will admit that the H.E.C.S. suit HAS MY ATTENTION! It sounds crazy, but In thought the same thing about the Illusion Extinguisher game call too when It came out! I was wrong there as well! What I thought was just another noise tube, has really gotten my attention and proven it’s self!

So if I were just telling you this to get you to click the link, this blog may have contained more elaborate details and untruths to get you to buy from my affiliate link. But all I can say is that this product may actually be the game changer that the H.E.C.S. people claim it is ! I’m gonna continue to test it and use it,because there’s something special about it!

Thanks for reading ! If you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comments below!



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    1. Thank you for the comment Tony ! Good to hear from you ! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments ! Have a great day!

  1. Great review on the H.E.C.S.Suit! Camo is so important for successful hunting, yet I think far to many hunters over look it.
    I had bought the H.E.C.S.Suit for this last hunting season and I loved it. The camo design is great and blends perfectly with the landscape around me.
    Just wanted to let your readers know that you have made a great recommendation with this camo suit!

    1. Thank you for your comment Brendon ! The testing continues with my H.E.C.S. Suit. I haven’t decided that I’m 100% on board just yet. But I do know there is something about the suit that I can’t explain other than it’s for real . The way it looks right now this technology might be a real game changer ! 

  2. This is really cool. Me and my dad used to go hunting all the time when I was a kid and I just completely fell in love it and been doing it ever since.
    I have a son now and I am taking him on my hunting trips so I am in the market for some new gear. Plus, my gear is really old and is fading and need something new.
    This looks really cool so I am definitely going to check it out. Great detailed review, very helpful.

  3. Great review! The H.E.C.S. Suit sounds promising. To be that close to the animals and not scare them off is awesome! I like that the H.E.C.S. suit looks like it blends in well with your surroundings giving the best camouflage possible. I will have to give it a try when I go hunting. Thanks for the info and recommendation.

    1. Thanks for the comment Marcus! 

      There is something special about this suit! I’m not readyu to say all the cklaims are absolutely legit, but the testing is about to resume! 


  4. I walked up on a young Axis deer sleeping and spooked him by rolling a rock as I walked. he jumped up and darted 10 feet or so. He stared in my direction looking for the sound and its source. I froze in my tracks and watched this deer. I was wearing the HECS Suit! I slowly reached up to my GoPro to turn on the camera and the deer just kept trying to figure out what made the noise. We had a stand-off for 18 minutes. I would shift my weight from one leg to the other and he would not run. I took my Primo shooting stick and smacked the ground as he stared away from me. He jumped 3 feet high and turned to see what made the noise but he didn’t run off. Finally he gave up and walked away. So I turned and started walking back down the lane by a windmill and he came out ahead of me. The little Axis Deer walked down the same lane as I walked behind him approximately 40 yards away. he would stop and look back as I would stop too. But he never ran away. Finally he turned down a trail and I walked away down the lane. I came across another opening and seen him still grazing and walking away but not even caring about me. SO there is something to this suit!

    1. Thanks for your reply Will!
      I have been doing some more testing so far this deer season, and I will be updating the review with the new findings after the season is over.
      Have a great day!

  5. Hi, I purchased my HECS suit 3 years ago. I have had nothing but amazing experiences since. I have noticed very rarely even look up at my stands. I shot a doe this biw season while I was getting dressed at my truck. Luckily the HECS suit was on. Deer no longer even look at my blind anymore. They always looked into the blind they knew something was there. I am a true believer.

    1. Hey thanks for your feedback! I have been doing quite a bit of testing during the 2018 season and I plan on updating the review when the season is over.
      So far I am completely amazed by the H.E.C.S. suit! I can’t believe what I have discovered since I first did the review!
      I am now a true believer and plan on buying another one for my wife !
      Have a great day!

  6. This article is absolute gold, Vitaliy!

    This really is the best guide on best hunting gear that I have come across with zero fluff, actionable steps and all backed up by proof and case studies. I’m super impressed. I also appreciate the fact that you shared your experience in this lovely article which serves as an eye opener for me. I am just getting to know about hecs suits and i hope to try it out someday

  7. I must first admit that I have never been hunting a day in my life (unless you count shooting ground squirrels out at my grandfathers ranch when I was growing up)! So most everything gear wise is totally foreign to me and some of it I actually get a good laugh about too (just being honest!!) But this little story of yours grabbed me immediately and I couldn’t help myself….I just had to know what happened! Super interesting stuff, I will have to admit. And it seems like your experiences and expertise on the stuff you write about would be an amazing and valuable resource to anyone who is into hunting! 

    1. Thank you for your comment Katie! 

      The HECS suit is truly becoming a more and more valuable component in my hunting adventures, that’s for sure! 


  8. Thanks for sharing this nice review on hunting gear, I don’t really know much about hunting but in this article you have enlightened me more on that. This is great. I really appreciate you taking time and breaking ut all down for us this is great.
    i would love to revisit for more articles like this article this.

    1. Thanks for your comments! 

      The HECS suit has really changed the way I hunt, and I expect that the trend will continue to grow !

      Have a great day! 


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