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Does Ozonics Really Work? Updated Ozonics HR200 Review.

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It seems like every year there are new products coming out in the hunting industry that “will revolutionize” the way we hunt!  Here in my Ozonics HR 200 Review we will look at what Ozonics is really all about!

The Ozonics electronics scent elimination system is no differentwhen it comes to being revolutionary! But does Ozonics really work? I will give you my review of the HR200 series and let you decide what you think after.

Photo of the Ozonics HR200 mounted to a treeRead on to see my recent update (10/24/18) on this review!          

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What is Ozonics anyway?

I can remember hunting as a young boy when there was skunk scent and fox urine on the shelf at Wal-Mart and that was about the only choices in the scent control area when you were planning your next hunt! Holy cow how things have changed! Now there is no shortage of products that are geared towards helping you bag that buck of a lifetime !

The Ozonics system has been out for several years now, and has gone through a few changes over that period.Big Whitetail buck Ozonics generates ozone which kills or masks human scent, or at least that is the claim!

I’ve seen some crazy ideas over the years and have taken a firm stance against most! But since I have had to eat my words a bit since my son gave me a H.E.C.S. Suit for Christmas last year, I’ve decided to take a wait and see approach on the Ozonics.

Now don’t get me wrong for a minute! I’m not ready to give this thing my endorsement just because I have become a believer in the H.E.C.S. Suit! That was that and the Ozonics is a different thing, but I will give it an honest test!

With Scent Control being such a big deal in deer hunting, any advantage you can get is a good one !

And if you can sit in that tree stand a little longer on each hunt because uyou have an elevated level of condfidence in yourself and your equipment, it is worth the time to look silly testing out something like the Ozonics right!

My first impressions of the Ozonics HR200

I have had several people tell me that I need to get the Ozonics HR300 because they produce more ozone and have more bang for the buck with batteries etc. But I wanted to get and test the Ozonics based on an entry level unit and not spend an additional $130 for something I was a little doubtful about to begin with! So in my book the Ozonics HR200 was just fine !

Before buying one I actually borrowed one on an afternoon trip to watch some deer during the summer at a friend’s hunting lease, and I won’t lie, I thought that there was absolutely no way that this little box with a fan in it would allow me to see moreholding the Ozonics HR200 deer and get shots on deer that aren’t spooked and ready to bolt!

I turned the Ozonics unit on and aklmost immediately coukd smell the very faint smell of what smelled like wires getting hot. It kind of reminded me of a hair dryer!

Now I have been hunting deer for a long time, and I know that a deer can smell things that we don’t even register, so I figured no way this thing works !

But my buddy Larry told me to take it and see , so I did regardless of thinking he was setting me up for some laughs with our other friends! I charged the batteries and got ready for the next day’s deer scouting trip at his place.



The Ozonics in the field, and a missed opportunity!

In the excitement to get going I forgot to put the mounting hardware in the truck so we had to sit the Ozonics HR200 on low hanging tree limb right above the ground where we were sitting. I wasn’t worried about dropping a borrowed unit because it was only 40 inches off the ground and It would hit one of us in the head if it did fall ! LOL

After about 5 minutes of sitting there, I nudged Larry who was sitting right beside me and said “do you smell it”? He too smelled the funny electrical odor coming from the Ozonics Unit. We sat there for 2 hours just to try to get a look at a buck that we couldn’t even hunt for another month, and he never showed.

We did see a couple of does come to the feeder we had staked out, but no sign of a buck. In our lack of preparation we set up at the base of a tree near his ladder stand that has a prevailing wind that happened to be blowing the opposite direction of where the does were. So these deer never even had a chance to smell us with or without the Ozonics! What a brain fart! We would have to come back and try this again, the following week !


More on the Ozonics systems here in this video from Ozonics Hunting



Let’s try that again!

Larry and I hooked up after work 3 days later and headed to his honey hole in the woods! I could tell that Larry wasn’t very excited to set up on the other side of the area where we had seen the does three days earlier, because he had a couple of nice bucks on camera and didn’t want to bump them. But he reluctantly agreed and we set out!

This time we sat down under an Ozonics that was properly attached to the tree with a wind that was blowing straight picture of deer feedertowards the feeder. Larry looked like he wasn’t enjoying it much at all after an hour of profusely sweating and trying not to move around while mosquitoes took a blood donation! But about an hour before dark, out stepped what I think were the same two does from three days earlier. They just stood at the edge of the opening where the feeder was for a few minutes, before finally going to munch some corn.

The deer looked like they had no idea we existed, and fed around for quite some time. Then a third deer came out and this was a yearling buck! One of those deer that already looked like he would be a heck of a wall hanger in a couple of years! The three deer continued to feed and walk around in an area about twenty- five feet in diameter.

The first sign of the deer smelling us came as we started to lose light.

One of the does came closer than they had been to us and stopped. She was still about 40-50 yards away but she knew something wasn’t right! I was prepared for her to take off at any second, but she merely stuck her nose in the air and sniffed for a good amount of time before starting to feed again! The other two deer never changed their routine of picking up corn.

The doe stuck her nose in the air again, but still didn’t run. She just turned and walked into the woods while stopping every 10 feet to check the air again!


If you would like to learn more about the Ozonics HR200 ..

Learn More About Ozonics



No way that just happened !

As the daylight disappeared we slowly stood up and watched as the young doe and yearling buck walked into the woods. I looked at Larry and said “Do you believe that”? He said that no one would believe it without a video, so we went back 2 more times with the intentions of getting a little video clip, but didn’t see the deer again.

I will testify that Ozonics must work really good on mosquitoes and squirrels because we saw quite a few of those !

I had to run another test and get it on camera ! But the opportunity would never present its self!

About a week before the season opened in this location, I went to a place I had hunted before on public land to try it out again, because I knew Larry wasn’t very keen on putting scent down and disturbing deer where he was planning to hunt. And that would be the best decision I could have made!


The road stand and the defining moment!

The area I had been trying to check the Ozonics out in was actually 4 hours from my home. I work out of town at a certain manufacturing plant and do repair work for a guy who gives me tons of work! I have made many friends like Larry, and it was Picture of what I call the road stand on public land hunting groundsalmost like a second home after working there off and on for 7 years !


But it was Friday and I was on my way home. So I called my wife and told her I would be a little late, because I wanted to look at this place I had hunted before on public land. Since it was right on my way home, I wanted to test the Ozonics one more time before deer season opened here in South Carolina.

And to be truthful, I didn’t want to test it where I hunt. If Larry is reading this I would like to say thanks for letting me test it where you hunt and not where I hunt.

It had been raining all morning that Friday and when it stopped and the sun beamed brightly, the humidity was insane ! The temperature was 96 degrees and the humidity made it nearly unbearable! But I stuck to my plan, because I had to make a call before I took this little box that smelled like hot wires in the woods with me to hunt!

The road stand is an area on a gravel road that gets barricaded by a gate during hunting season and makes it legal to hunt because no automobiles can travel the road. Since deer love to travel edges I figured this would be a great place to do one more test !

I sat up where I could see the area where about 6 main trails come together and deer cross the road as you can see in the picture. The big difference is that if I were hunting it, I would be sitting where you see the road go over the hill and into the woods. But to get a good test of the Ozonics HR200 I intentionally sat where the wind was blowing directly towards the deer crossing!



I forgot to bring anything to sit on and my but got wet from the remnants of the morning rain, but I sat there until the sun sat and it was that time when you should be seeing deer. There was a strange sense of confidence with the Ozonics directly over me. And sure enough, one single old doe poked her head out and looked straight at me ! Then she stepped into the road and looked at me again. After just a few seconds she was on the other side of the road and in the edge of the woods about 20 feet from the road.

Then the doe came to attention !

She looked in my direction and stomped her hoof to the ground but never ran. After she repeated this again she took a couple of steps and was gone. I waited just a few seconds to see if I could see her again as she made her way but the intent photo of wild hogssearch was interrupted by a loud snap of twig! I looked to my immediate right, and not more than 40 feet from me was a parade of wild hogs moving towards the road!

I didn’t try to hide my movement much as I pulled my .40 caliber Springfield from its holster under my shirt! Part panic and part apprehensiveness took over and I sat there with my sidearm in my hand as these hogs slowly crossed the road and wound up where the deer was when she left!

These hogs had no idea I was there in my little hideaway in the brush, and they were dead down wind ! And by experience, if a hog doesn’t pick up your scent nothing will! They were feeding along as though the deer or I hadn’t even been there!

I just wish I had my phone out to get a picture! The picture above was about 10 minutes earlier!


My take on the Ozonics HR200

I know this review isn’t like most, but it is what it is. I wasn’t planning it. I was simply planning to borrow an Ozonics unit to test and see if it worked so I could order one, and these are the events that happened!

I will be doing an update of this post at some point after I have gotten my Ozonics that I ordered last night, because the experience with the hogs was also last night ! I am writing this the day after. I came home and thought about what I had Ozonics HR200 Electronic scent eliminatorwitnessed in my breif testing and determined that there is something about this Ozone stuff that works !

I believe that the deer I saw smelled the Ozonics (Or at least the doe in the first test did). Heck they would have to smell it, because I could smell it and they smell far better than me ! I just don’t think that what they smell alarms them as a threat and they either show no signs of smelling it, or simply walk away.

Now the hogs on the other hand were dead down wind and they never showed any signs of smelling the Ozonics or me! That is the evidence that made me place the order!

After thinking about it, I placed my order this morning after my coffee.

I plan on trying to make some videos and update this post after I use the Ozonics this deer season so check back and maybe I’ll have some sort of video and more to share !

I think that the Ozonics HR200 is a tremendous tool to help see and harvest more deer! And this year I will be hunting more with my crossbow andH.E.C.S. Suit as well, so I may have more info on that as well !

Review Update 10/24/18)

I finally got around to getting my own new Ozonics and an extra battery in late September and the testing keeps getting more interesting!

I didn’t get a chance to hunt during our early archery season , but I was out in the field on opening day of our 2018 muzzle loader season, and it was a great day!

I got set up a little earlier than usual and was waiting for daylight for quite some time! After about an hour I started seeing the first rays of light penetrating the tree tops about the same time I saw my first glimpse of deer!

As the morning turned to a beautiful day, I had a doe and fawn come in to the acorns that were scattered all over the ground where I was hunting. They fed on acorns for a while before moving further away till I could no longer see them.

Then about 30 minutes later 2 does came in and followed the same feeding pattern the first 2 deer had taken. They ate right up until one of the does jerked her head up and looked in my direction! They were down wind of me and I automatically assumed that they caught my scent! They took off!

I immediately looked up to make sure I had turned my Ozonics on, and I did.

Within 15 seconds of the does taking off, I heard a loud thud to my left! I looked down and almost directly under my stand was a nice 8 point buck!

He took a few steps until he was almost directly in front of me and a whopping 20 feet from my ladder! The next sound I heard was the report of my CVA Optima muzzle loader!  It was an awesome morning! 

Every deer I saw that morning was within 20 yards and down wind!

Since then I haven’t had as much time to hunt as I would like, but I have seen at least 6 deer since and at some point most have been down wind, and none have spooked to the point of throwing the tail up and hauling butt!

This Ozonics really works ! I am now convinced !

I will update this article again when the season has ended! Now that rifle season has opened and the rut is kicking in here at Halloween I expect more time in the stand , and you will get the report of how the season ends !



I hope you enjoyed this review

I have given you my review of the Ozonics HR200 Electronic scent eliminator device, and told you how it has performed for me. If you would like to learn more you can if you CLICK HERE.

If you would leave a comment, question, or suggestion I would appreciate it! Your feedback is how I better serve my readers with quality content !

Have a fantastic day!





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  1. Well, this is something new. I never taught they are gonna invent a device that will actually mask the human scent. As you said, before the only way masking the scent was either fox urine or skunk scent.
    It also surprising to me that this strong type of smell would be going out of Ozonics hr200 – if we can detect it miles away so would the animals.

    By reading your post I can only say that this thing really works. I mean you were completely unnoticed by the deer two times.
    That is amazing.
    I will definitely looking more information on this product.
    Thank you for this helpfull review.

    1. Thank you for your comment! 

      I have gotten a new unit since and deer season is near . 

      I will be updating this article after the season when I can get plenty time to test it.



  2. Wow thanks for the comprehensive review I guess this is bye bye to Fox urine.

    From where I’m from we would set a trap and wait for the animal to be bait, I would say it’s time to stick with innovation and do what is current.the Ozonics HR200 Electronic scent eliminator ddevic is a good one for me.

    Greetings… Abdulramon

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! 

      The Ozonics has really made a believer out of me! I am a guy who doesn’t believe in things like this!

      But seeing is really believing! 


  3. Mike,

    I was very impressed with your webpage and the topic [Wild WeRX outdoors], it was captivating and I like knowing about the outdoor wildlife sports. So, reading was no problem. Another amazing post that has a message behind it for a product that was new to me. Ozonics, I am saying to myself, what is that? and when mentioned a sent deterrent, I was blown away. 

    Great webpage for those that like hunting. 

    Best of success to you! 


  4. Human scent masking device. Unbelievable how much technology has advanced. I was never so much into hunting so I was never was keeping myself up to date with all this equipment. I am curious what else they will invent in the future. I like how you wrote your review as it is not the typical review article style. Telling it like a story makes it much more interesting to read it all. Nice one, thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thanks for your comment! 

      It is amazing how fast technology as a whole is increasing in effectiveness! Who would have thought the something as primal as deer hunting would see so many advances in technology.

      Have a great day! 


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