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This article isn’t meant to imply that the content is all there is to know all about fishing. This particular article is the home of all fishing content at We will look into a sport, way of life, and means of a food source that dates back thousands of years to biblical times ! From simple nets to modern hook and line fishing methods we will post and update content here that our readers want to see. That is the aim and the goal. So lets get started !

What does fishing mean to you ?

Fishing and the act and engagement of catching or trapping fish is a, pre-historic practice dating back at least 40,000 years. From fishing vessels crossing oceans in search of their quarry to a leisurly time on a river with a fly rod and all means between, fishing has and likely will always be the king of outdoors activities.

If you are in an underdeveloped part of the world fishing means more than sport. It is an undeniable avenue of survival for yourself, family or community ! When we have a bad day of fishing, we usually at least have fun in the act of fishing. If someone who lives along the Amazon river has a bad day fishing it likely means that he and his family don’t eat. As it is in these isolated areas in the world today, history saw many people live the hunter- gatherer lifestyle out of need instead of choice. Inians that lived in the California of what we now know as America used plant toxins to intoxicate the fish and make them easier to catch, as well as giving us the first signs of what we see today as modern angling by being known to engage in fishing with gorge hook and line tackle.

From ancient representations and literature it is clear that fishing boats were typically small, with no sail, and were only used close to the shore. From these primitive craft to the modern fishing trawler times have changed but the practice has remained pretty much the same in the salt water oceans and seas around the world .
Whether you view angling as a means of capturing a food source,sport, pasttime or all the above there is no doubt that the love affair with catching fish is as popular as ever !

Modern practices and gear

From ancient gill nets to modern fishing reel that can set you back hundreds and in salt water thousands of dollars, it’s obvious that the passion for the creatures of the depths is as strong as ever ! I can remember getting my first Zebco 33 when I was about 8 years old and practicing with it in the backyard for hours ! Then my first flyrod and the many pieces of bright yellow line hanging from the maple tree behind our house. But nothing compares to the learning curve that came with my first bait caster ! I had birdnest backlashes that any self-respecting wild bird would envy ! But my favorite leisure fishing reel was, is and will likely always be the spinning rod ! The good old open face reel ! Gotta love em ! Likely as indestructible as anything you’ll find in the angling world and more than capable of surviving the rigors of being thrown in the bed of a pickup truck .

When you couple your favorite style rod with the right bait and tackle there are few things better !

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Bucket list fishing trips

If asked, any hard core angler, it’s more than likely he/she has a certain fishing trip on his / her bucket list . I’ve talked to a friend who has told me that he wants a week long fishing trip to catch Salmon in the wilds of Alaska while watching Grizzlies wade the rivers. While I’m not quite that adventurous about becoming bear poop, I too think that would be an awesome trip and more than worthy of the fishing bucket list !

My personal bucket list fishing trip is to spend a few days with the monsters of the deep ! The Goliath grouper has long been my bucket list fish ! The thoughts of a 500-600 pound fish on my line gets me excited just thinking about it here !

My buddy Mark went several years ago on a Hammerhead trip where he caught a couple of these predators in the 400 pound range. And while he was there, the world record was caught just a few nautical miles away at 1300 pounds ! I can’t even imagine a 1300 pound monster with a set of teeth ! But Mark not only filled his fish bucket list, but immediately started planning his next trip the following year. I guess you could say he was hooked ! (pun intended)

Fishing is all-inclusive !

Fishing is likely the only outdoor activity that literally anyone can do ! You can take your child or grandchild when they are small and they can catch fish too. Whether you are a bank fisherman or prefer a 300 horsepower bass boat or pontoon fishing can be a successful outdoor activity for all skill levels and budgets. I love to catch large fish. I’m after my new personal best (P.B.) Carp at over 26 pounds. When cat fishing I usually don’t use anything under a 6/0 circle hook. So as you can imagine I’m not after the little pan size fish. A 25 to 30 pound striper will strip off 100 yards of line on it’s first run and there is nothing you can do about it ! To me that is as good as it gets ! But there are folks who are happy enough catching more fish that are smaller. And that’s great too, because like hunting as long as you’re having fun it’s a successful endeavor ! .

Get out there !

Maybe your idea of fun is going after crappie or bluegill . Or maybe you’re a guy who only get excited with a big old flathead catfish. Ever considered going old school with a cane pole for pan fish ? Or why don’t we try throwing a cast net this weekend for bait to fish all night for a big old blue cat That’s what makes the outdoors so fun ! If you get out there and have fun it’s worth the time, and a successful trip. So get up and go ! Who knows what’s lurking past your hook !

Until next time friends, see ya in the great outdoors!

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