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Thank you for visiting, and welcome to Outdoor Werx !

My love for the outdoors and the activities that I have taken part in such as hunting, fishing, camping and all things within shooting sorts have shaped my life in such a way that just simply saying I love the outdoors is by far an understatement !

With limited opportunities to take part in these activities as a kid, I made the most of the opportunities I had, If not camping overnight in crude lean to structures and cabins made of tree limbs and string that I had built in the woods behind our home, I found other outdoor activities to explore. I may be hiking through the woods with no true destination in mind or setting snare traps for any unlucky squirrel or rabbit who happened into my wonderland domain .

As a child raised in a single parent home the hunting infatuation came later in my teenage years. And that set in motion a love affair with not only Deer and Turkey hunting l also the byproduct of shooting sports that I am likely most affectionate about today !

As I said earlier the opportunities grew more when i reached my teen years with lean to structures and crude cabins evolving to tents, and eventually campers. And ultimately it all tied together with tents and campers giving me more opportunities to enjoy Fishing and Hunting ! It’s been truly an evolution that continues to this day !

Mike Chappell

My Story

I grew up in a pretty small town in South Carolina with my mother and sister. We lived in a rural setting with only a few friends close enough to play with or see on a day by day basis. I had one friend named Craig. His dad was into outdoor activities, and was nice enough to give me some early opportunities to participate. I appreciate the kindness of that gentleman to this day ! That man helped shape the 2nd greatest love of my life behind my family .

Foster the love for the next generation !

My suggestion is that everyone take a child Hunting or fishing the next time you go. It will help shape that young man or woman in ways you may never understand !

I’ve seen so many changes !

When I was a younger man the choices of Gear and tactics for hunting, fishing, and camping was far more limited than what we see today !

In the mid 1980s when someone said they were looking to buy a new tree stand, it would be one of three or 4 models on the market. Today there are hundreds of different tree stand manufacturers, configurations and models.

Today the hunting industry boasts tens of thousands of different types and manufacturers of clothing, deer calls, turkey calls, attractant scents, Scopes and optics, scent control devices, and even suits that mask your electromagnetic signature from game and supposedly cloaks you from their “6th sense”. And that’s just a small example !

I’ve tried a lot of them. Some work, some don’t. One goal of Wild Werx will be to test and review many of these gear related items and give an honest report on gear to help our community make informed decisions before spending their money !

Whether you hunt with a bow or a gun doesn’t matter, It doesn’t matter if you fish from a boat or the bank. There’s not much difference if you camp in a tent in the deep woods, or a camper in a lakeside campground.

The bottom line is the same whether it’s 1980 or 2018. If you enjoy it, you’re doing it right !

Helping people is the goal!

If someone in our community has questions about hunting, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity I wanna help foster the love of the outdoors in any way I can!

It may be reviewing a certain product, some advice from 30 years of experience or an encouraging word to the kid who wants to start his or her outdoor adventure


I will feel like this site is accomplishing goals if I can help grow the love of the outdoors and along the way make some more freinds !
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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